Garrett Valley is excited to add Sugar Free Uncured Beef Franks to its line of Paleo-friendly products.

“With summer grilling season right around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to introduce this sugar free product to consumers,” said Garrett Valley VP of Marketing and Development, Jessica Colameco.

Like all Garrett Valley products, the Sugar Free Uncured Beef Franks are free of antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, synthetic nitrates and nitrites, and other artificial ingredients.

“Our sugar free products are extremely popular with customers who are committed to eating clean and eliminating added sugars in their diets. The hot dog is known as a staple of summertime in America, so it was the natural choice as we looked to expand our sugar free line.”

The franks are gluten free, minimally processed and made from grass fed, humanely raised beef.

With the demand for sugar free products on the rise, consumers can expect to see more sugar free products from Garrett Valley in the future.

“You can’t successfully innovate without listening to consumers,” said Colameco. “We’re thrilled to offer a product that allows for sugar free grilling this summer and beyond.”

In addition to the beef franks, Garrett Valley sells sugar free bacon, kielbasa, and other fully cooked sausages.