Clean Meat, From Clean Energy


Garrett Valley Farms’ offices are tucked away in a re-purposed farmhouse on nine acres of land in Southern New Jersey.

The rural and peaceful setting is where our team carries out Garrett Valley Farms’ commitment to crafting only clean and natural meat, and leaving a small carbon footprint while we do it.

In 2012, Garrett Valley Farms made the decision to install a 50 kilowatt Solar Electric System. We’re proud to say our office has run entirely on solar energy since then.

Each day as the Garrett Valley Farms team arrives at the office, or stops for a moment to glance out a window, seeing the solar panels serves as a reminder of the promise we’ve made as a company to our customers and the environment, to run a clean operation.

Since the inception of our solar panel system, we’ve made some major improvements to the environment. To break it down, as of January 2018, running our office on solar energy equates to planting 7,359 trees, eliminating 161,942 vehicle miles, and removing 322 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

But our commitment to clean and natural meat doesn’t stop at our energy. From using only recycled paper and plastics at the office (including toilet paper), to completely redesigning the way we package our products to leave the smallest footprint possible, the impact we have on our environment is a part of every decision we make at Garrett Valley Farms.

It might not be the most cost-effective way to run a business, but if you ask us, you can’t put a price tag on planet earth.

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