More Natural than Natural

Our products aren’t just natural, they’re more natural than natural. For us, that means going above and beyond the food industry’s standards of natural and setting our own, so customers have no doubt they’re eating honestly natural food.

No Antibiotics Ever
No Growth Hormones
No Animal Byproducts
Always Minimally Processed


We know you’re busy, that’s why you’ll never have to worry about wasting time looking for the fine print on Garrett Valley Farms products-we don’t have any!

No Sodium Phosphates
No Dextrose
No Stabilizers
No Partially Hydrogenated Oils


To be more natural than natural, we go the extra mile to use ingredients that exceed the industry’s standard of natural. Like our founder says, “we need to promise our customers a higher standard of natural.”

Sea Salt
Celery Powder
Naturally Smoked
Raw Sugar