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Humanely Raised,
The Way It’s Supposed To Be.

At Garrett Valley, we don’t mind going the extra mile to make sure our animals are raised with dignity and care. As a pioneer of the all-natural industry, we never stop working to improve both the conditions and environment of the livestock used in our products.


You’ll never find antibiotics in Garrett Valley Meat products. That’s because we never use them on our animals. Instead, we manage the health of our livestock by ensuring healthy farming conditions and employing innovative practices to prevent illness from coming their way.


Unlike many of our competitors who are working double-time to remove artificial ingredients and growth hormones from their products, we at Garrett Valley never had to. That’s because we’ve always stayed true to providing customers with truly natural options. And that means we don’t – and have never used—growth hormones to promote development in our livestock.


They say you are what you eat, so making sure animal by-products are never fed to our livestock was a no-brainer for Garrett Valley. Each and every one of our farms uses a strictly vegetarian feed for all beef, chicken, pork, and turkey used to make our products. This helps to prevent diseases in animals and humans caused by harmful by-products, as well as provide peace of mind for consumers.


The comfort, health and safety of our animals is a top priority for Garrett Valley. We believe no animal should ever be hungry or thirsty, in pain or diseased, or live in fear and distress. That’s why Garrett Valley works only with farmers who uphold our company values, which exceed industry animal welfare standards. Garrett Valley has committed to a plan of utilizing only crate-free pork by the year 2019.